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What About parenting?

No matter what anyone tells you, no one is truly prepared for parenting. It doesn’t matter your age, income, or education. Parenting is challenging and rewarding for everyone.

Even though the idea of parenting seems overwhelming, you would be surprised at the many services and resources available to you. The team at Paris Pregnancy Center and our local community are ready to help you become the most successful parent possible.

Our Available Resources

There is a lot to learn about parenting, and we have the perfect resources to assist you. Take a closer look at the counseling and educational opportunities we offer.

  • Prenatal Education
  • Newborn Parenting
  • Single Moms and Dads Counseling

We have a list of resources and referrals based on your individual needs, including:

  • Free health care
  • Assistance with energy bills
  • Food pantries and banks
  • Housing assistance
  • Daycare

Earn While You Learn

When you complete one of our educational programs, you earn points to “purchase” baby items in our baby boutique. Choose from supplies like diapers, wipes, baby clothing, maternity clothing, bottles, cribs, car seats, and more.

Is Parenting Right For You?

As you consider parenting, you may be asking yourself some of these questions:

  • Will I have emotional and financial support from my partner or parent(s)?
  • How will parenting impact my job or education?
  • Can I financially support a child on my own? If not, what type of help will I need?
  • Who can help me raise my child?

If you choose to parent, the caring advocates at Paris Pregnancy Center will come alongside you to offer resources and support as you embark on your parenting journey.

Through our parenting education, you can feel equipped and ready as you prepare to give birth and raise your child. You will have much-needed supplies with additional material help through our baby boutique.

Only you can decide if parenting is the right choice for you. We are here to help you sort through your options to make an empowered decision for your future. You will not be alone.

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