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Are you wondering if you’re pregnant because your period is late? If being pregnant is not in your plans right now, you could be feeling scared, confused, and even angry.

We understand. An unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming, but don’t be frightened because we’re here to help you.

Come to Paris Pregnancy Center for a free and confidential pregnancy test. Even if you’ve taken an at-home test, get your results confirmed by us for free!

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Taking a pregnancy test is usually determined by your monthly cycle and the symptoms you’re experiencing. If your periods are regular (every 28 to 30 days), you should test one to two days after the day your period was supposed to start.

If your monthly cycle is irregular and you’re never sure what day it will start, we suggest waiting three to four days before taking a test.

How does a pregnancy test work?

When you become pregnant, your body produces hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a pregnancy hormone. Eventually, the hCG builds up to a point where it enters your blood and urine.

A pregnancy test detects the amount of hCG hormone in your urine to determine if you’re pregnant.

Are you wondering if your result from an at-home test is correct? While most home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, there is still a chance for error because some women take the test incorrectly or at the wrong time.

A registered nurse always administers our pregnancy tests so you can be confident of the results. Come to Paris Pregnancy Center for free pregnancy testing.

If I am pregnant, what should I do next?

If your test is positive, our center provides free limited obstetrical ultrasounds. Along with information about your potential pregnancy, an ultrasound will determine the location of your pregnancy and the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant.

Up to 20% or possibly more pregnancies end naturally in miscarriage. An ultrasound will also determine if your pregnancy is viable (developing with a detectable heartbeat).

We’re Here For You

In addition to the above services, Paris Pregnancy Center offers information about your options, a nurse consultation, and a safe, judgment-free environment where you can share your thoughts openly.

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